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Healthy living in Healthy Homes FAQs

Can I buy online the Dust mite eliminator Products?

Yes, Please contact us with the numbers and type of eliminator that you required.

What sort of initial documents to be sent to get air circulation checked in my house?

Please E-mail or mail to us Your building plan including architectural plans. If you rent a house/apartment please mention which floor and floor area of your rental house or apartment. Please place the measurements on the sketched plan clearly. We analyze indoor air quality of your house with our health & engineering experts and offer you initially FREE report for healthy living.

What should I expect initially, once I send the plans to you?

We will send an initial air flow circulation in most moist, stuffy area for your consideration.

Do you provide further advice and improvements to avoid dust, moist, and mite related problems?

Certainly we will provide our services to eliminate above mentioned problems and send you complete analyses of air circulation in your home and our Health & Engineering experts’ recommendations.

Do you design the products for better air circulation/ventilation?

Yes, we design cost effective, high efficient, environment friendly products for cleaning, ventilation of air in the rooms, houses, buildings.

Do I have to use electrical appliances such as air conditioners, Fans, blowers etc?

NO, not at all. Our products are electricity free, environment friendly, high efficient, cost attractive appliances.

How do I order them?

You can order on line after our recommendations subject to air circulation characteristics of your home.


Machine Designing FAQs

I have a good idea. How do I know whether it can be implemented?

You can describe your idea with hand sketches if needed to us via E-mail: info@khartinternational.com we will get back to you with our expert advice whether the idea is workable Or NOT. If not we will advice how to develop the idea.

How much do I have to pay for this?

For our first advice ABSOLUTELY FREE. We will issue a quote for further consultations.

What documents do you provide, if the idea is workable?

We provide you a quote first; if you are satisfied with our quote, then we will provide the documents such as non disclosure agreement, preliminary 3D-design of the machine sketch.

If I agree to go ahead with offered 3D design model, can I get done the final design?

Yes, you will be given the time line and we will send the 3D-design.

Can I get the optimal cost effective design?

Yes, if agreed with our quotes, then you will receive the optimal design along with some reports on strength, reliability of the product.

Can I get more figures on the 3D design model?

Certainly, we will send in PDF format.


Renewable energy  FAQs

Would it be possible to get calculation done for my renewable energy designs?

Yes, certainly, we help you to calculate the power, volume and other design parameters if you contact us with your request.

Can I get design drawings, 3D models, and strength calculation for my design?

Yes, we will send 3D models in PDF format, and calculations to you.

What areas you specialized in renewable energy?

Solar, Wind, Ocean energy such as waves, and currents.


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