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Health Research

  1 How Hills Doctors maintains a CO2 and a stuffy air-free environment.
Report by K-HART International.com

Every closed-door environment, with at least three people at a time in a room, releases 0.035g CO2 per second to the room atmosphere, i.e. 0.5kg of CO2 for 4 hours.

More Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) and stuffy air inhaled into the brain and to the lungs will lead to sleepiness, tiredness, poor concentration power, deteriorating health, and Asthma related allergies.

Some recommendations to remove CO2 and stuffy air:

  • After every patient visit, it is recommended to leave the door fully opened until the next patient comes in.
  • It is recommended that during the door opening (few minutes) extract heated and polluted air by an automated system at a speed of 0.15m/s.
  • During the closure of the surgery keep the room completely open and switch off automated air cleaning system and vacuum the floor.

These recommendations are provided by K-HART International.com in air circulation analysis and recommendations in buildings.

We will help you to have a CO2 and stuffy-air FREE environment in your residence/office. Please write to us regarding your problem at: info@khartinternational.com to get a preliminary analysis and recommendation at a minimum cost. We provide cost effective methods of air extraction in your residence/office.



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