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Machine Designing

How can we assist you?
We provide consultancy for your innovative ideas to be turned into a real product. We assist your idea to design, analyze, testing, and manufacturing of it. Our international expert staff consists of experienced engineers, Doctors and Industrialists; leave your project with us. We will come up with cost attractive product design for you.
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For your Small business
We convert your valuable ideas into real products by taking away the entire burden in designing, analyzing, and testing. Our experts design better, low cost and reliable products according to the given country standards from house hold items to heavy machinery parts with the use of advanced virtual experiments.

Therefore you do not need to pay for office space, skilled labor, and staff. This allows you to devote more time on developing your business further. This results in rapid growth of your business.

Did you know 80% of extra money is spent on modifying existing product which will satisfy only 20% of customer requirement?
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Better product design
We turn your ideas into computer based Solid models and further develop the model to real product, using sophisticated methods of engineering analysis such as Finite Elements Analysis (FEA), and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). And also optimize the size, weight, and cost of the new product for higher quality by conducting virtual engineering research where significantly minimizing time, materials, and money. Therefore the new product can be released in a short time to the market.

Some small business developers use conventional approach such as using the existing products off the shelf and tailor to their needs. As you know80% of extra money is spent on modifying existing product which will satisfy only 20% of your requirement. This leads to fail their wonderful business at this point.

Our computer based virtual experimental approach is far better and cost wise convenient for the investors whose money at the end of the day spent for a purpose driven promising products. read more

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