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Dust Mite Eliminator Pet Brush

KHI Products for Asthma & indoor allergies: DME-100PB
K-HART International (KHI) produces series of preventive products for Asthma and other allergies such as Hay fever, runny nose, Eczema, watery eyes. The products are completely free from chemicals, children & Pet safe, and light weight. Some of the new products in the market by 2009 are Universal Dust mite eliminator which can be easily use with house hold vacuum cleaner, Dust mite eliminator travel mate-travel pack, Dust mite eliminator Room mate, and Dust mite eliminator pet brush. These products are well researched and proven for significant reduction of dust mite population in pet fur which causes major allergies such as Asthma, eczema, and Hay fever. Dust mite eliminator pet brush is intended for house pets.

As you know Asthma is triggered by dust mites’ feces, dead mites, skin flakes, mould and contaminated moisture stagnated inside houses. Dust mites are microscopic creatures hardly seen by naked eye. The length of a dust mite is not exceeding 420 m and width from 250 to 320 m. They are globular shape and having a translucent body with long hair on their striated cuticles. They have 8 hairy legs.

Dust Mites
Figure 1.
Various microscopic insects live with us causing allergies.

Dust mite do not bite or sting but harbor strong allergens in their bodies as well as in their secretions, excreta and shed skins. Constant contact with these allergens can trigger respiratory and dermatological complaints in some humans. Dust mites have a rudimentary alimentary system (no stomach) and require most digestion to occur outside their body. For this reason they secrete enzymes and deposit the fungus aspergillus repens on dust particles, to enable the fungus to pre-digest the organic matter with its enzymes. Dust mites eat the same particle several times, only partially digesting it each time.

We found that several thousands of dust mites live in pillows, mattresses, bed covers, surrounding & underneath of beds, and carpets. Some times the number exceeds to several millions. In addition to the dust mites above mentioned, there are few other microscopic mites also live with them. They all carry translucent bodies. Figure 1 is shown various mites that were found in bed sheets, mattresses, pillows, and carpets. Unfortunately they are not visible in naked eye to remove them. The dust mites move actively thro thin fibers of dust particles. With a vacuum cleaner it is hard to remove all the dust mites as they are held to the thin dust fibers and move against vacuum flow. In addition to thin fibers, there are dead mite bodies, dust mites’ feces, dead human skin flakes, human hair, and other foreign matters. It was revealed that dust mites can not fly or move freely in the air without any lumps of dusts. They can be found under the bed with foamed dust some times.

Figure 2.
The pets that every body loves

Most pet lovers use to keep pets in their rooms, beds, and children’s rooms (Fig.2). The pets also like to stay closer to the people. Although it is not a good practices to keep pets in bed rooms, people usually forget about the allergens which are carried by the pets cause severe damage to human health. As a result people suffer from diseases such as Asthma, hay fever, ruuny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, itchiness, and other allergic reactions. Allergens found in pets are dander, dust mite feces, dead dust mite bodies, and pets’ dead skin. Also it is observed that above allergens are placed in soft toys as well. We have produced a pet brush which is able to remove dropped dander, dust mites, and their feces by gently combing their fury bodies. It is revealed that Dust mites move in fur quite faster than fibers of dust particles as the fur is structured in order. Dust mites’ proper movement is destabilized in few seconds by specially designed emitters and instantly removed them by thin bristles of the brush.

Our experimental investigation shows that most of the brushed dander carries dust mites and powder type feces. It is good news for pet lovers that they do not need to worry any more having the pets’ closer to them after cleaning them with Dust mite eliminator – DME-100PB product. In laboratory tests we have attempted to excite them by a thin rod, but they do not respond to it and drop through dust fibers to the Microscopic dish.

Figure 3 shows the product of dust eliminator- Pet brush: DME-100PB.
DME-100PB is recommended to use on house pets such as Dogs, Cats, Guinea pigs, Rabbits, and other fury pet animals and soft toys. Product comes with multiple power choice. The product DME-100PB could be powered by mains or by AA batteries.

Figure 3
Dust mite eliminator Pet brush-DME-100 PB

TR/ 6 by Ranjith Obeyesekera M.Sc, PhD

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