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Room Pollution Finder

CO2 pollution in closed areas leads to Brain damage,Memory loss,Tierdness, Sleepiness and Cardio Vascular disease.

Please provide following information,
No of healthy adult most of the time in a closed room *
No of babies most of the time in the same closed room *
No of children most of the time in the same closed room *
No of kids most of the time in the same closed room *
Average hours spend in the room *
Length of the room in meters *
Width of the room in meters *
Height of the room in meters *

  CO2 exhale amount in grams :
  Developing CO2 in the room in grams :
  Volume of the room in cubic meters :
  Mass of air in the room in gram, if density is 1.272 kg/m3 for tempN & pressN :
  Percentage of CO2 in the room for the above mentioned period :
  CO2 exhale amount in grammas in this room for the period in ppm :
Estimated room pollution



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