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Healthy living in Healthy Homes

Did you know that 300 million people worldwide are affected with Asthma-related problems due to bad circulation of air inside houses? Asthma is triggered by dust, mould, and dust mites feces. Over 50 million people in Central & Southern Asia suffer from Asthma. In Europe the number is reaching 100 million, in Africa over 50 million are affected with asthma related problems. Among the developed countries, Australia has 2 million people suffering from Asthma, 23.2 million people are affected in United States, 9 million out of which are children, and in United Kingdom 1.5 million people are affected with Asthma related problems.

The company introduces healthy home concepts and products for better air circulation in homes, and in buildings. The air circulation systems are environment friendly and function efficiently without the use of electricity. These ventilation systems are chemicals FREE, cost effective as well as save your electrical energy.

We are the world leaders introducing new and proven methods to eliminate dust mites and their allergens forever. Healthy Living in Healthy Homes is our motto.

We manufacture Universal Dust Mite Eliminator which is retro fitted to any Vacuum cleaner easily. Universal Dust mite eliminator scans the dust mite colonies in pillows, mattresses, carpets and promptly deactivates from their food chains, destroys them momentarily. These dead mites and their feces are vacuumed by the vacuum cleaner during the deactivating process. Frequent application of universal dust eliminator causes to eradicate Dust mites from your living areas such as pillows, mattresses, and carpets.  

Dust mite eliminator travel mate” travel pack is one of the popular carry bag products for travelers. This product runs with AA batteries or with mains. This travel pack product is simply plugged into a power socket or works with batteries. Travel pack is easy to use in any where as its universal plug which fits to any socket.

Dust mite eliminator- Room mate” is family friendly product which is kept plugged into the power socket in rooms. It automatically scans the dust mites and destroys instantly. It destroys dust mites which freely move in the air. Vacuum cleaning help to remove dead mites and their feces.  

Dust mite eliminator Pet brush” is one of the important items to be in every pet loving house. The brush removes dust mite allergens and leaves the pet to be with you in-house. Pet brush comes with battery operated, with mains, and combination of both. In addition the brush can be used to remove most of the dust mites’ allergens from fur blankets, and bed covers. 


Share your small business activities with us

We convert your valuable ideas into real products by taking away the burden of designing, analyzing, and testing. Our engineering experts design better, low cost and reliable products according to the given country standards from household items to heavy machinery parts with the use of advanced virtual experiments.

Therefore you do not need to pay for office space, skilled labor, and staff. This allows you to devote more time on developing your business further. This results in rapid growth of your business.

Did you know 80% of extra money is spent on modifying existing product which will satisfy only 20% of customer requirement?

That is why the customers/small business developers are always encouraged to design the products according to their specific requirements.


Renewable energy development- try with us

We also design, analyze, and test  renewable energy units, such as Solar dryers, Solar ventilators for vegetable, and cereal drying, small wind generators for water pumping and battery charging, and ocean wave turbine-generators for water purification.

Our valuable customers say working with us safe, and pleasant. We write a non-disclosure agreement with you to safe guard your idea/s before getting into any design contract.



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