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K-HART International Pty. Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary company which provides Health and Engineering consultancy services and also helps with product development worldwide. Healthy Living in Healthy Homes is our motto. more

Solar Soaring Technology is developed by the K-HART International Pty Ltd in-house research team. The worldwide patent pending (PCT/AU2014/000659) Solar Soaring design opens a new generation of solar collecting technology with the highest efficiency yet. With Solar Soaring Technology, the solar panel collects its maximum power output by collecting the solar radiation. Solar Soaring Technology can accommodate any sized solar panel into the system, in order to generate various amounts of electrical energy. read more..

Living areas are confined to small spaces due to an increase of population worldwide. Dust mite allergies in homes are inevitable. Therefore a major focus has been done on Dust mite allergies and allergy eliminating methods in day to day work. Dust mite allergies cause Asthma, itchiness, sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, blocked nose, difficult breathing, headaches, and stuffiness that slows down the work performance at home, office, or school
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Electronic control design engineer and Industrial Design engineer - Aesthetic designing positions are available - More info

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Room Pollution Finder for closed room environments to avoid Memory loss, heart disease, sleepiness, tiredness, brain damage etc..
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Our Products

Solar Soaring Products Solar Soaring technology was developed by the research team at K-Hart International. This innovative design, which has a worldwide patent, is an exciting breakthrough in solar-power technology, since it is significantly more efficient than any existing product on the market. more

The Solar Soaring App intends to find the best possible way of minimizing the money spent on the energy bill and minimizing the number of solar panels, which adds more savings to your budget. This app is prepared for industrial building rooftops to large commercial rooftops, harvesting the maximum solar power to the industry...
The Pollution calculator App is now available at Google play for your smart phones. You can download it free. Arrange the size of the closed door rooms in your home, your business, schools, commercial buildings, and hospitals to offer you the best working condition with Carbon dioxide free environment by avoiding wheezing, sneezing, tiredness, and heart related problems to increase your efficiency.
Unibud App is an easy-to-use app that helps you to find your desired university course by filtering through thousands of options based on university preferences, ATARs, etc. It allows you to improve your efficiency in such choices by enabling a quick contrast between universities, courses, etc. enabling for the best suited option to be recognised.

Pollution Expert helps you to remove CO2 amounts in closed areas such as Schools, Hospitals, offices, houses, Medical practices where more people stay in few hours. Inhale of CO2 for long period of time leads to loss memory, tiredness, sleepiness, brain damage, and cardiovascular diseases. more

Universal Dust Mite Allergy Eliminator can be retro fitted to any Vacuum cleaner and scans dust mite colonies in pillows, mattresses, carpets and promptly deactivates from their food chains. more

Dust Mite Allergy Eliminator Room Mate is family friendly product which is kept plugged into the power socket in rooms. It automatically scans the dust mites and destroys instantly.

Dust Mite Allergy Eliminator Travel Mate travel pack is one of the popular carry bag product for travelers. This product runs with AA batteries or with mains.

Dust Mite Allergy Eliminator Pet Brush is one of the important items to be in every pet loving house. The brush removes dust mite allergens and leaves the pet to be with you in-house.

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